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Spectacular Training & Conferences provides products and services based on innovation, attention to detail, flexibility and enthusiasm. Our company provides comprehensive training across a multitude of industry sectors. The positive feedback from our many clients reinforces our philosophy of providing training expertise, high levels of service and return of investments.

Information technology

Information Technology industry is the fast changing environment that brings change to the public and private sector to increase the manageability of your company, specialising in a comprehensive range of cutting edge IT conferences/ workshops, we do this by making use of industry standards and intensive market research.


Our workshops, conferences and seminars provide regular updates in the financial industry. e.g. IFRS & IAS Updates and GRAP Updates etc.

On Site Training

On-Site Training is more focused, consistent & relevant to your needs. On-Site Training can be scheduled to your convenience and saves your company costs, in terms of traveling & accommodation



Human resources

We recognise that maintaining a strong workforce is the highest priority, which is why we pride ourselves with our portfolio of Human Resource Services that are guaranteed to provide you with several effective methods of strategic implementations to drive the workforce you require.

Government & Public Sector

Spectacular Training & Conferences offers courses that are researched thoroughly with integrity for Government and public sectors insuring the Understanding of how governance, strategy and sustainability have become inseparable.


Being a professional assistant or secretary plays an important role in assisting important senior management and this support is seen as being crucial



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