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Information Technology industry is the fast changing environment that brings change to the public and private sector to increase the manageability of your company, specialising in a comprehensive range of cutting edge IT conferences/ workshops, we do this by making use of industry standards and intensive market research.



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Some of the courses that we offer:

* Stores And Inventory Management
* Winning Tenders And Procurement Strategies
* Hiv/ Aids In The Workplace
* World Class Supervisory Management
* Professional Skills For Secretaries
* World Class Leadership Skills
* Managing Budget And Cash Flow
* To Be World Class Finance Managers
* Lean Manufacturing
* Time Management Skills
* Spectacular Project Management
* Fundamental Inventory Methodologies
* Fraud And Corruption Prevention
* Suppy Chain Management
* Measuring Call Centre Performance
* Front Line Excellence
* Stress Management
* Spectacular Service Delivery
* Lean Management
* Effective Problem Solving
* World Class Negotiations
* World Class Sales Motivation




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